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About Shun Shing

Shun Shing established its power products business in 1974. Ever since then, it has been devoting to serve its clients with safe, quality and exquisite power products. The company began with manufacturing and processing power equipment, and is now dedicated to innovation and research and development. Its accomplishment brings a lot of insight to the market, which leads the company to the forefront of product design trends in the industry. In recent years, Shun Shing steadily diversifies its development and devises numerous products including lighting equipment.Meanwhile, it places equal emphasis on power product development and ventures into new initiatives and technologies with a view to introduce the most secured and fashionable products to its customers.

Our manufacturing expertise acquired over the past four decades enables our product design and production to be a perfect integration of aesthetics and technology. Safety remains integral to every single product we produced which adopts or even exceeds international safety standards. Certainly, it is indispensable for our products to comply with other requirements such as performance specifications and regional environmental compliance.

At its early stage, Shun Shing pooled its energy to producetransformers for some major electrical appliance plants. Such experience laid a solid foundation for our expertiseand built our talent pool. In the mid-80s, we stepped up to develop design proposal and tailor-made products for our clients. Taking to heart that time is precious, our one-stop services came into existence to serve our clients from design and procurement to application and manufacture, with a vision to have products ready by simply a call or a fax.

The 90s was an era of power adaptor revolution in which traditional linear power adaptors were replaced byswitching mode power adaptors. Shun Shing rode on the wave and exploited a full range of adaptors to cater to niche market needs.

The prevalence of AA/AAA rechargeable battery in the 2000s led to an overwhelming need for battery charger.Though we had long been producing battery chargers, Shun Shing was not satisfied with the status quo and originated a number of products to fulfil the market. The new designs, from appearance to configuration, later became a yardstick of the market - it was a bonus to us. We lay down stringent safety specifications for our products (especially for the AA/AAA battery charger) and hence we are highly confident with our quality.

Shun Shing has been focusing on developing and manufacturing USB charger since 2005, way beyond the smart phone era. We foresaw USB power supply would become the dominate means of charging small and handheld devices. Time proves us right. We follow through our mission to pioneer innovative, safe and usable USB chargers with premium performance, the designs of which were granted patents. Our products, the USB chargers in particular, earn their reputation of being handy, portable, durable, user-oriented and high quality.

Shun Shing is filled with a spirit of creating better user-experience and advancing quality of life. We stay committed to pursue the possibilities of smart products and peripherals, and endeavor to develop the most secured, innovative, fashionable and user-friendly ones for our customers.